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Prisrčno vabljeni v naš hostel, oddaljen le 4 minute od avtoceste Maribor - Lendava (izvoz Vučja vas),  kjer vam po zelo ugodnih cenah ponujamo namestitve, skupinam pa po dogovoru tudi prehrano. Pomagamo vam tudi pri organiziranju ogledov in izletov po Prlekiji in Prekmurju ter degustaciji svetovno znanih prleških vin. Potrudili se bomo, da boste od nas odšli veseli in zadovoljni.
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Let's visit Slovenia (SLO) and neighbouring countries:
Croatia (CRO), Austria (AUT) and Hungary (HU)
Due to its favourable geographical location and proximity to the highway Eko Hostel Križevci is a perfect base for day trips. Take advantage of the affordable accommodation for groups in Eko Hostel Križevci and visit major cities and excursion destinations in four neighbouring countries: Slovenia (SLO), Croatia (CRO), Austria (AUT) and Hungary (HU).

Eko Hostel Križevci pri Ljutomeru is located in center of Pomurje and Prlekija (Slovenia),
on a peaceful and at the same time very good location, only 4 km away from the highway
Ljubljana – Lendava – Budapest.

We offer very quality and cheap over-night stayings and food for the large groups. The hostel has 100 beds in the rooms and apartments. We offer: Bed, Bed and Breakfast (BB), Halfboard (HB), Full Board (FB).

The rooms and apartments are very nice and well-equipped. We also prepare very good breakfasts, lunches and dinners for groups.

The rooms and apartments have 15 showers. There is free Wi-fi internet all around the hostel.

In the vaulted cellar under the hostel is a beautiful restaurant. There is also bakery in the ground floor.

Next to the hostel is a big parking lot, activity rooms, bank, post office, park, shop, farmacy,
ambulant, skateboard-park, sports centre, bus stop, church, health resort (Banovci, Radenci, Moravske Toplice, Bioterme)…

We can also organise the tours and trips for you. On your behalf, we can make a programme of activities and tours of the Prlekija and Pomurje region or the Slovenia and surrounding countries (Austria, Hungary, Croatia).

In cooperation with our partners we can organize at affordable prices: a variety of guided
cycling tours, going down the river Mura with kayaks, canoes or larger boats, ride with
the "brod" boat across the Mura River, adrenaline paintball games or flights with hot
air balloon and guided tours to: natural park of Jerusalem, the Island of Love, see the
backwaters of the Mura River, the only still-functioning water mill on the Mura river, a
windmill at Stara gora, forging and bee museum, farm, where trotting horses are bred,
demonstration of life in a prehistoric settlement, walk through energy points along the
Ščavnica river… and a number of other attractions…

Request additional information and an offer for your group at: We will be pleased to answer and help you!



Bed price

in EUR

2 - bed room (single use)


2 - bed room (price for 2 person)


3 - bed room (price for 3 person)


4 - bed room (price for 4 person)





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Rental Price

in EUR  
Apartment - 2 person


Apartment LUX  - 4 person (2 bed rooms

Apartment - 6 person (2 bed rooms)

Apartment - 6 person (3 bed rooms)


Individual offer for prolonged stays



Price of accomodation includes:

  • night in a room or apartment
  • bed linen
  • towels
  • free use of computers, TV, internet (Wi-Fi), playground
  • free parking

Additional offer:


Breakfast (self service)*  

Lunch/Dinner (soup, main course, salad, dessert)*

10 EUR
*we offer food service only for groups by special request

rent a bike/day


About us

In 2006, our company Munera d.o.o. bought a dilapidated civic building from the last quarter of the 19th century, which is located in the heart of the village of Križevci near Ljutomer and is protected as immovable cultural heritage. Many years ago, this house was an inn with accommodation; later it hosted school facilities, a post office, a local office and a telephone exchange office.

The building was renovated in line with cultural protective instructions. We have installed the latest technology concerning energy efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and other environmentally harmful emissions. In the renovation, we used environmentally friendly materials of a high and premium price range. In the middle of 2011, the house shone in all its beauty. We try to make the building with its exterior, the pride of our village and the municipality of Križevci.

In order for the building to flourish as it once has, we have arranged accommodation and an inn. Eko Hostel Križevci now offers quality and affordable accommodation and food. There are 100 beds available in rooms and apartments. The rooms are nice and beautiful, while the apartments are equipped to high standards. The restaurant in the vaulted cellar and the terrace can take up to 100 guests. We offer mainly dishes from locally grown food.

The availability of quality and very affordable accommodation is an ideal opportunity for the accommodation of different groups (pupils and students, athletes, hikers, bikers, clubs...) as well as individual guests.

Due to the extremely favourable geographical location and good transport links it is possible to get from the Eco Hostel Križevci to Austria in the north, Hungary to the northeast or the Croatia in the south with less than a half-an-hour drive. Therefore, the Eco Hostel Križevci is a very suitable starting point for hiking and exploring the region of Prlekija and the surrounding countries.

Distance between Eko Hostel Križevci and major cities: Maribor - 46 km, Ljubljana - 172 km, Varaždin – 49 km, Zagreb - 104 km, Rijeka – 310 km, Graz - 99 km, Vienna - 226 km, Lenti – 40 km, Heviz (Lake Balaton) – 152 km, Budapest - 299 km, Bratislava - 255 km, München - 490 km, London 1.517 km.

Eko Hostel Križevci is located in the heart of Slovenian region Prlekija and Pomurje, in a quiet but easily accessible location, just five minutes (4 km) from the motorway exit Vučja vas on the motorway Ljubljana – Maribor - Lendava - towards Ljutomer.

Eco Hostel Križevci is Eco Bike Hostel Prlekija – cyclist-friendly hostel!

We provide cyclists with:
• quality and affordable accommodation for larger groups of up to 100 persons
• rental of bicycles and cycling equipment
• bike shed – storage room
• rental of tools for bike repair
• Washing and drying cycle clothing
• possibility to prepare breakfast and other meals adapted for cyclists
• possibility of setting up "lunch packages' for cyclists
• possibility of relaxing massages
• Information center for cyclists
• Free Internet access available on fixed computers and via wireless network (WiFi)
• assistance in making the program and in organizing cycling tours
• possibility of hiring an experienced cycling guide
• possibility of transportation of bicycles and riders or luggage
• possibility to organize alternative programs in case of bad weather

We offer: Bed, Bed and Breakfast (BB), Halfboard (HB), Full Board (FB)

We also accept small groups and individual guests!

Request additional information and an offer for your group at:


The Slovenian region of Prlekija offers numerous and varied opportunities for active leisure. At Eco Hostel Križevci, we can take care of organizing any of the activities. A beautiful landscape offers plenty of interesting and undemanding paths for recreational cycling, hiking, nordic walking or simply walking along romantic plains, between the backwaters of the Mura river, or among the Jerusalem wineyard hills. You can cycle far and wide across the region of Prlekija. We will provide you with a cycling map where you will find descriptions of cycling routes and a list of sights along the way. With us, you can also rent a bicycle. Favourable natural conditions and untouched nature invite those more adrenaline eager to go down the green and greenery surrounded Mura River with kayaks, canoes or rubber boats.

The regions of Prlekija and Prekmurje are well suited for flying with hot air balloons. There are competitions held in hot air ballooning. Why wouldn’t you fly a hot air balloon and see four countries at the same time from the air?

Only few are aware of the picturesque Gajševsko Lake with an island in the middle. It lies on the plain among the fields not far from Križevci. Ideal for walks. For decades, this lake with Stajnko’s Mill has been a very popular wind surfing venue due to the favourable and constant winds.

In addition, Gajševsko Lake in the region of Prlekija offer many opportunities, where hunting and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their hobbies in nature.

Responsible tourism

The Eco Hostel Križevci advocates the development of as environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible tourism as possible. We are committed to energy efficiency, reduction of environmentally harmful emissions and maintaining of air and water quality and natural environment in the regions of Prlekija and Pomurje.
Nowadays, tourism is accessible to individuals from different social classes. Modern tourists understand themselves and build their individualization through increasingly differentiated forms of consumerism. More and more individuals build their own personality and authentically express themselves through travelling and leisure activities in accordance with the principles of responsible tourism. Individuals can thus actively participate in social campaigns and promote social changes in accordance with the values ​and goals they try to pursue.
At Eco Hostel Križevci, we understand tourism primarily as an opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds, who are aware of the importance of responsible tourism, to interact for a short time with each other and with the local environment.
Due to the above-mentioned characteristics and basic directions, the hostel, which has been arranged in a formerly dilapidated monumentally protected civic building from the 19 th century, represents a prime example of an innocuous placement of a tourist facility in the local and natural environment. Eco Hostel Križevci is also Eco Bike Hostel Prlekija – cyclist and hiker-friendly tourist accommodation, which is trying to offer all the necessary contents for specific groups of cycling and hiking tourists.
At the Eco Hostel Križevci, we strive to develop responsible tourism in the region of Prlekija and thereby contribute to the employment of local people and the supply with the locally produced food. Eco Hostel Križevci offers quality and affordable housing for individuals and larger groups of up to 100 guests. It is therefore especially suitable for organizing various camps, workshops and multi-day projects.
The trend towards the development of responsible tourism, which is now increasingly detectable in demand, will in the future become a leading trend impossible to avoid.
In line with our policy, we will appreciate the participation of all operators in the narrow and wider local environment and particularly local tour operators and other tourism service providers, which are aware of the need for sustainable development and the need for tourism to develop in the sense of responsible tourism.

Take advantage of quality and affordable accommodation and visit Slovenian region of Prlekija!


Marijan Frlin
Eko Hostel Križevci, SI 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru 3, Slovenia